Quick Overview. The Voices of Christ Apostolic Prophetic School of the Scribe (also called the Online School of the Scribe and The School of the Scribe) grants refunds on a case-by-case basis. We also stand by our products and services, and believe we provide quality educational resources.

When you purchase a physical product, it is easy to repackage that product and return it to the store for a full refund or exchange. Digital products, however, are different. There is no way to return a digital product once it has been accessed by the customer.

However, it is our goal to please our customers to the best of our ability, while also not allowing others to unfairly take advantage of our products and services. We recognize that there are times when refunds are necessary.

We have two types of products available:

  • COURSES: Courses include multiple study units for students in their area of interest. Courses often include extensive text files that are printable, downloadable resources, ebooks, graphics and other digital goods.

  • LECTURES: A lecture is a specialized topic covering a specific area of interest that lasts between 30 minutes and two-hours. Courses can also include text files that are printable, downloadable resources, ebooks, graphics and other digital goods.

  • DIGITAL PROJECTS: Any digital files or downloads available for purchase for prophetic scribes.



  • A customer who completes a COURSE/LECTURE or earns a certificate within a COURSE is not eligible for a refund. Completing a course/lecture indicates that a student has gone through each available lesson and/or earned a certificate.

  • Customers who purchase LECTURES are not eligible for a refund. All lecture purchases are final.

  • All “non-subscription” COURSES are refundable with our THREE-DAY, MONEY BACK COURSE GUARANTEE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED POLICY if the student has not accessed or unlocked the course regardless of what COURSE they purchased. Students have THREE DAYS from the date of purchase to take advantage of this policy. Signing into or unlocking a course is defined as using your username and password, entering the course inside the website. To request a refund, email [email protected]. Please include full-name, the email address used to register for the course, and the name of the course in your email.

  • Customers who purchase a subscription option for a COURSE are ineligible for a refund. Why? Because those students have full access to that course for a set number of days. They can cancel their subscription at any time VIA PAYPAL or directly through their CREDIT CARD merchant or Bank. Course enrollment will automatically expire at the end of that subscription period. (If a student decides to re-enroll at a later time, the course will reset from the beginning.)

  • Digital products like ebooks, graphic files, booklets and audio files cannot be refunded. Why? There is no way to return digital products.



Many times, students want their refunds from “online” courses immediately. We are unable to process these requests on-demand. Please respectfully understand that this is a business with refund policies, procedures, schedules, etc.

We can guarantee that refunds will be processed within 7-10 business days from the date of the refund request via PayPal using the email address from the original transaction. More than likely, refunds are processed sooner, but this is the window of time we use. It is the responsibility of the customer to check his/her email for confirmation of refund AND to ensure that they can withdraw their refund from the PayPal disbursement.

  • If a student files a dispute with PayPal within this 7-10 business-day refund period, please know that we will immediately end our refund process and will walk through the dispute process with PayPal. PayPal’s process could take up to 30-days to resolve as efforts are made to defend and/or satisfy your dispute and/or claim.

  • SPECIAL REFUND CIRCUMSTANCES FOR COURSES WITH CERTIFICATE TO TEACH. Some of our courses offer a “certificate to teach option.” This means that these courses are not only available for customers to take for personal study, but that they are also designed to help those who want to teach our courses be certified to do so. As such, students are responsible for the portion of the programs they have access to during this period. (Subscription options are not eligible for a refund.)

    Customers enrolled in those courses are subject to this specific refund policy. If a customer did not take advantage of the THREE-DAY, MONEY BACK, COURSE GUARANTEE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED POLICY then they will have 7 days from the date of course purchase to request a partial-refund for non-subscription purchases. We are unable to issue refunds after this time period.

To request a refund, email [email protected].com. Please include full-name, the email address used to register for the course, the name of the course in your email and state the reason for your request (optional).

About Us

The online School of the Scribe is the premiere educational center for prophetic scribes and prophetic writers who are developing and growing in the 21st-century calling of the "office of the scribe," the revelation of The Scribal Anointing® as released through Theresa Harvard Johnson, the originator of this comprehensive view of the present day anointing of the scribe. All the teachings in this school are based exclusively on original biblical study, historical and revelatory application.