The School of the Scribe is a pioneering, premiere educational center for present-day scribes with a strong, 20-year history rooted in its development and emergence.

Its focus is exclusively on providing in-depth teachings from an apostolic, academic, historical and revelatory perspective that unfolds the significance of The Scribal Anointing®, a 21st century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe.

Ushered in by the apostolic reformation, scribal ministry is the divine backbone of the Lord’s apostolic Kingdom – impacting ministry and minisry efforts in all spheres of society both sacred and secular.

The School of the Scribe has five primary focuses:

  • We exist to root present-day prophetic scribes in their identity and purpose in Christ;
  • We exist to educate the congregation on the width, breadth and height of the scribal office;
  • We exist to capture, create, organize and archive an academic, historical and revelatory repository for equipping present-day scribes in The Scribal Anointing®;
  • We exist to preserve and protect Christ’s intention for the scribal office in the earth; and
  • We exist to increase, strengthen, align and call-forth the Lord’s Scribal Nation®.

Our teachings and ministry efforts are based on the following scriptural foundations: Matthew 13:52, Matthew 23:34, Ezekiel 9; Judges 5:14 and the Book of Ezra.

For more information on the ministry of the prophetic scribe, here are some articles written by Theresa Harvard Johnson and some online presentations that may help you along your journey.


About Us

The online School of the Scribe is the premiere educational center for prophetic scribes and prophetic writers who are developing and growing in the 21st-century calling of the "office of the scribe," the revelation of The Scribal Anointing® as released through Theresa Harvard Johnson, the originator of this comprehensive view of the present day anointing of the scribe. All the teachings in this school are based exclusively on original biblical study, historical and revelatory application.